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Formula Graphics Multimedia System
Formula Graphics has long been one of the world's most advanced shareware multimedia systems. This outstanding software package has been used by developers around the world to create a stunning array of presentations, software titles, and even games. Thousands of Formula Graphics' users testify to its superiority over other "multimedia" content editors sold at many times its price.

Interactive multimedia applications can be developed using an easy to use graphical interface. There are no limits to the pictures, sounds and animations that can be brought together.

Business Applications
Develop business applications that open databases and download information from the internet. Information can be displayed using hypertext and graphics. Formula Graphics also has a powerful scripting language with over 500 instructions.

Presentations can be played from floppy disk, CD-ROM, played directly through the internet, or embedded in a web page. Formula Graphics can be used to create screen savers or installation utilities.

Animation is the strongest feature of Formula Graphics. The system handles five animation file formats and five styles of playback including Video for Windows. Animations can be made to blend subtly into the background as complex shapes rather than appearing as boring square boxes.

New FGX Packages Released

In response to user feedback FGX is now packaged with a comprehensive resource kit to enable users to unlock the potential of this powerful tool.

The New Full FGX Bundle is available for only US$49.95
Introductory Special Offer

As a special offer for existing registered users of FGX - the FGX Resource Kit is available for only US$29.95
Introductory Special Offer

The new FGX package includes:

  • Full version of FGX
  • FGX Resource Kit, with:
    • Enhanced manual with tutorials
    • Dozens of sample projects and scripts with full documentation
    • Where FGX users can exchange ideas, tips and suggestions.
Formula Graphics FGX Java Player

What can it do?

  • Slide shows
  • Demonstrations
  • Sales presentations
  • Business applications
  • Software installers
  • Multimedia kiosks
  • Training systems
  • Visual databases
  • Screen savers
  • Games

Check out the features page.

Java Logo Presentations developed in Formula Graphics can be played inside a web page with the FGX Java Player.

No Java programming required!

At last, you can create multimedia for the internet without the wait.

Go to the demos page.

Pocket PC

Start creating multimedia today!

Formula Graphics provides the quickest and easiest way of utilizing all of the multimedia power that the Windows operating system has to offer. It is so simple to use and yet it places no limits on the author's creativity. No other package has found such an effective solution to multimedia authoring.

You might be wondering now how to get started creating a project. Download FGX and we'll show you...

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For NEW Users
For Registered Users

Special Introductory Offer:

Full FGX and Resource Kit Bundle US$49.95
(limited time)

Special Introductory Offer:

FGX Resource Kit US$29.95
(limited time)


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